Why we shouldn’t pull out of Syria

Trump is putting his campaign promises over his country again. A while ago, Trump brazenly announced that the U.S. would take out all U.S. military forces from Syria. Trump claims that ISIS is gone. When he said that, the next day 3 soldiers died in a car bomb in which ISIS claimed responsibility. ISIS currently is embedded in a 1.5 square mile stronghold. They have lost nearly all of their foothold in Syria. But Trump claims they are completely gone.

This is not true. Many may say that ISIS will never grow back to what it was. To answer that, look at how ISIS rapidly grew from when it started in 1999. ISIS is an idea. As long as that idea exists in some people, then it will spread. Through propaganda and extremist statements it will catch like fire and burn down Syria until we have to step in again. We need to stop the fight in Syria before they take it to us. On U.S. soil. We lost James Mattis to this idiotic claim Trump made, I hope we don’t lose anymore adults.