Why we shouldn’t get rid of the electoral college

The electoral college is something that has been around since the 18th century. It is something that we have always been used to having in our voting system. Recently, some Democrats have come out in favor of abolishing the electoral college. Here is why I disagree.

The electoral college as of right now is a stupid and broken system. 3 million people wanted Hillary to be president yet Trump was elected. We have seen examples of this throughout American history. This is unfair, yes. But completely abolishing it altogether would not fix the main problem.

The main problem is candidates campaigning in high population areas. The places who give more electoral college votes. This is unfair because all states should be equally represented by presidential candidates. Abolishing the electoral college this would fix one problem (people get the choice of president) but leave out another (unequal representation).

What I suggest is reorganizing the electoral college. This electoral college would have proportional electoral college representatives to the other states. This would still eliminate the problem of the people not getting their choice of president and give equal representation to the states.

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