Why we don’t have to worry about Trump being reelected

As 2020 elections approach and the end of a tyrannical term comes to the end for Trump. One must ask, “oh fuck will this happen again?”. Well, I am happy to answer that. No. And I will explain why.

Trump’s campaign was built on the anger of white farmers and middle class beneath that stereotypes and racism. Recently, we have seen Trump’s tax reform take effect. It really hurt the middle class a lot. He cut taxes for the rich and took away money from the middle class. Furthering his own personal agenda and lying to his base.

Not only did he hurt most of the people in their taxes, he hurt their farms. Raising equipment prices through the trade war and hurting their profits through the lowering of crop prices. Some farmers will stick with Trump, but not enough. So, large amounts of his base are gone, Some democrats have middle class backgrounds or roots in the midwest, and with Joe Biden looking to run, Trump seems to have no chance of winning.