Why Republicans are paying the price because of Trump’s wall

Yesterday, Trump announced that he will sign the deal proposed by the senate and house to keep the government running and declare a national emergency as well. Republicans are kicking themselves for supporting Trump. Republicans made a deal with the devil when they elected Trump. On one hand, they get their agenda done. On the other, their party becomes a complete embarrassment. Now the devil is collecting it’s due.

According to a poll done by SSRS and CNN, exactly 2/3’s of Americans do not believe Trump should declare a national emergency to build a wall. AND, only 64% of Republicans think he should go ahead with it. Now, Republicans are losing their base and their respect in the eyes of the American people. If immigrants were coming in in swarms, eyeing to stab all of your family members with knives made of drugs, why did Trump wait to declare a national emergency?

Maybe, because, it’s not an emergency. The simple fact is is that illegal immigrant numbers are slowly going down and a majority of drugs come through legal entry points. When El Chapo was convicted, Trump said that a wall would’ve stopped that man from bringing drugs into this country. Even though El Chapo flew drugs over in planes and underground tunnels. Things a wall couldn’t have stopped. The fact is, a wall wouldn’t work. Now, Republicans are paying the price for Trump’s wall fiasco. Something they will keep paying election after election in the coming years.