Why Pete Buttigieg is the best Democratic candidate for president

Pete Buttigieg is a small town Mayor from South Bend. During recent 2020 campaigning by the Democrats, Pete has shown that he is the best candidate for president, and I will tell you why.

Pete Buttigieg is homosexual. This puts the Democratic Party in favor of the LGBTQ community and shows it’s diversity and acceptance. You won’t see much diversity in the Republican Party these days. Not only that, but he is very down-to-earth and real with people. His declination of engaging in a back-and-forth with Mike Pence shows he skill in recognizing the BS and sneaky ways of the Republican Party. Something Elizabeth Warren hasn’t shown. When I look at him, I would think this “huh, this guy seems nice.” And I’m sure many people think that as well. His general demeanor in public and the way he speaks is very friendly and doesn’t sound like most politicians.

Pete Buttigieg is a friendly, small town mayor in Indiana. He shows diversity through his sexuality while having a great way of speaking to the public and knowledge of the tricks of conservatives. All of this shows his skill in politics and the fact that he knows the enemy like a book. Living in a western, majority Republican state gives that to you. Overall, he has all of the traits of a man who will crush Donald Trump in 2020.