Why Medicare for all would work

As 2020 approaches, lots of Democrats are campaigning the idea of Medicare for all, having a national health care system for people of all ages. Lot’s of Republicans denounce this as complete nonsense. Stating that people will pay more in taxes.But what do the facts say? Well, that’s what we’ll be talking about in this article today.

During Obama’s term, Medicare spending was the lowest it ever was. This is with the ACA. Which many Republicans have tried to cripple. Not to mention the fact that many 1st world countries like Canada and Italy. In fact, Medicare spending in these countries is nearly half what we spend now. With our privatized insurance system which is supposedly ‘better’ costs us a hefty sum of money each year. If other countries can do it, then I don’t see why we can’t. It’s absolutely ridiculous to say that we could never do this when our neighbors already have. The fact is is that Republicans get paid by the insurance industry to spew out these lies. Really makes you wonder what happened to Republicans. Many say that the people will pay more for this than actually save on health insurance. To that, I say, why not tax the rich? And if this won’t work, then why has it worked in other countries?

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