Why complaints over Amazon pulling out of Queens are ridiculous

For a while now, cities have been clamoring for Amazon to build it’s new headquarters there. Amazon had a contest basically. Whoever could give the biggest tax break and hurt their city the most would lose billions of dollars and get some jobs for a tiny percent of their population. WOAH. Sign me up! Seriously, Amazon offered 25,000 good jobs. There are over Half a million people in Queens. With high increases in employment in 2017 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s not like Queens is struggling to make ends meet.

So why does Queens need this? Why should New York shell out billions of dollars on something that wouldn’t help them? I have no idea. But people seem to think it will help. Seriously, why would New York give 1.5 billion dollars in tax subsidies for this? It’s absolutely unreasonable. 25,000 jobs is not worth 1.5 billion. MAYBE, we should, you know, TAX BIG CORPORATIONS??? IS THAT A POSSIBILITY??? NOPE. Not according to New York. This whole situation really is stupid. People shouldn’t be protesting something that would’ve hurt them in the long run. It’s like protesting surviving a deadly disease. New York in general would’ve been hurt by this headquarters. I pray that the other cities will grow a set of balls and actually tax Amazon.

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