Why a wall would never work

I have talked about this in the past. But I want to reiterate that and add knew points so you don’t have to go digging through old posts if you really want to know. Trump has campaigned for a wall since 2016. When Obama was president. Aah, the good old days. Although we forgot about it for a while when he became president. When his became angry with him for not fulfilling his promise, Trump through a temper tantrum and shut down the government. Costing thousands in the middle class their paychecks. After 35 days, Trump reopened the government for 3 weeks of negotiation on the wall despite saying he would never do that. At his State of the Union focused on uniting people. Trump rose to his reputation and divided us more when he AGAIN repeatedly talked about why a wall would work. I am here to tell you why a wall would never work. Let’s start. First off, 80%-ish of drugs come from LEGAL entry points. Drug dealers don’t hike over mountains with a sack of weed and cross over the border. No. That’s not how that works. Also, a wall is expensive and goes over a river along the border. So that would cost much more. Also, crime is lower among illegal immigrants than citizens. Trump just cherrypicks examples of immigrants stabbing people and committing heinous crimes to brainwash ignorant voters. Another claim is that illegal immigrants take jobs. Well, now that the economy is better (because of Obama, but that’s for another article), companies are having trouble finding jobs. And most jobs that illegal immigrants would be able to take would be cheap physical labor jobs. Which are jobs nobody wants and boost the economy. Another reason too is that illegal immigrant numbers are actually going down per year. Trump acts like it’s a National Emergency. It’s really not. Most immigrants actually cross the border through the water. The coast guard catches a whopping 80% of illegal immigrants. But of course, Trump took away a lot of their paychecks in the shutdown. The simple fact is is that a wall is an inefficient and ineffective way to deal with our immigration problem. Trump is only bringing a wall back to the table to please his base. I hope he comes to whatever senses he has left.