Trumps State of the Union was a comedy

Trump, the man who promotes cooperation like no other president ever. (notice the sarcasm there), recently made another groan-bringing, agenda pushing, littered with falsities speech at his annual State of The Union. First off, my favorite thing about the speech is actually 2 things. Nancy Pelosi’s sarcastic clap and Trump’s point on North Korea. Let’s start with Nancy Pelosi’s clap, it was really funny.

This was when Trump called for cooperation. You know, the guy known for dividing the entire country into raving mobs of trash burning protestors and conducting hideous foreign policy by tweet. So, Nancy Pelosi does a really funny and obviously sarcastic clap. Next is Trump’s North Korea comments. Oh god. He basically said that we would be at a Nuclear war with them if he hadn’t been elected president. First of all, North Korea is still making nuclear weapons. Just like they were before. No change. Trump did nothing. North Korea would probably never actually attack the U.S.. Rather, they would use the leverage of nuclear weapons to get power in the civilized world. Which is exactly what Trump gave them. Trump’s State of the Union is just another example of his egotistic and stubborn ways of being president. He did nothing to further the deals. He talks of cooperation but spends the rest of the year dividing. He is splitting our country slowly with a butter knife over the course of his term. Can’t wait for 2020.