Trump’s State of the Union is going to be worse than last time.

In a press conference, Trump made a variety of claims which went very far against negotiating a deal in the 3 weeks given for a wall. He called the talks a “waste of time” and said he was “thinking about” declaring a national emergency. He also stressed that he would announce a lot of this at the State of the Union and to “listen” to that. Now any normal president would respond to lower approval ratings and the shit show of a shutdown by stressing unity and working for a solution. Especially when the lives of 800,000 Americans are in jeopardy.

But that’s not how Trump does it.

Trump prefers to divide, divide, divide. By saying that the talks about a wall are a “waste of time”, Trump is basically saying he doesn’t care about federal workers and cares more about his bogus campaign promises. Trump’s State of the Union is going to be full of messages like these. All he is going to do is take political jabs at his enemies and push for a wall. His absolute refusal to compromise with Democrats is costing Federal workers their paychecks and is hurting this country more than any illegal immigrant could.