Top pick of 2020 candidates

We are seeing a lot more announcements for candidacy of the office of president so I thought I would summarize what I believe to be the most likely to win and the most favorable, both by myself and top Dems. First there’s Elizabeth Warren, who I talked about why she would not be favorable in the article before this.

Next is Joe Biden. Now, as of the writing of this article, Biden hasn’t said he was going to run YET. But pressure is building for him to run and I believe it is likely he will. Joe Biden would DESTROY Trump. His polls, good looks, and ‘tough guy’ outlook would put Trump in his place. It’s also a sad fact that, because he is a white man, he would be more likely to win. It’s saddening, but that’s something we can’t change in our society by 2020.

Next is Kamala Harris. Her experience and likeability makes her a favorable candidate for 2020. She has good polls with hispanics and women. Which is CRUCIAL for 2020. She also seems to have a structured plan which most Democrats haven’t presented yet. She will campaign in early voting states and other crucial areas. This puts Kamala Harris close to Biden as far as favorability.

Next is Amy Klobuchar. A Minnesota Senator with a lot of experience and a good positioning in the Midwest. Her favorability in the Midwest may turn disgruntled Trump supporters over to a full Democratic ticket. Also, she may actually campaign in Wisconsin once.

Next on the list is Cory Booker. His experience and good looks and polls do increase his favorability. But his message of love and all that crap will never hold up on Trump. Trump will run him over with tweets and lead him down the scandal trail like he did with Warren. He isn’t a tough guy who could hold off Trump and his rage. Favorable in his message. But no toughness. He will fall like Warren did.

To summarize this I have a Top 3 list.

  1. Joe Biden
  2. Kamala Harris
  3. Amy Klobuchar

Keep in mind that the list is a VERY close list. I was scratching my head for hours over Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. But in the end, Joe Biden’s tough guy attitude is what got Trump elected. We need that. It appeals to the average voter and gets them to the polls. Cannot wait for 2020.