The era of #MeToo

With the recent sexual assault allegations from Virginia and the entirety of the year of 2018, I thought I would talk about sexual assault allegations and the #MeToo movement. In 2018, many women were inspired by their past experiences with powerful and rich men taking advantage of them. 2018 was a great year for this. Many powerful men were taken down for sexual assault and waves of women stood up to their assaulters and claimed justice. As many powerful men lose their jobs immediately after being accused of sexual assault without much credible proof, the question does arise, should we always automatically believe the woman? I do not believe we should. Although most of the time the woman did tell the truth, there are times when she did not. As was the case of the woman who lied about being sexually assaulted by Kavanagh to the Washington Post and when people were going to hire a woman to claim she was sexually assaulted by Robert Mueller. When there are exceptions there must be a due process. Not everyone blows up planes, for example, but there are those who do. Which is why we have security.

Though, there is basically never enough evidence to substantiate the woman’s claims to convict the accused in federal court. Still, these men lose their jobs and get cast out. Forever a disgrace. Reputation ruined. For most of the people this happens to, it is deserved. They took advantage of women and deserved it. But we are not always sure of that. What is the solution? You may ask. I don’t believe there is one. We can’t convict the man nor should we fire them from their jobs without evidence but nearly always the man is sexually assaulted the victim. The problem is, the #MeToo movement was so huge, it warped our political parties and our society. I don’t believe there is a single company that would hesitate to fire a man accused of sexual assault. We cannot get over this. There is no solution.