Russian Twitter account gives out classified information about Mueller to discredit him.

If you haven’t figured it our by now, our president colluded with Russia. The evidence is all there. From the Moscow Trump Towers to Wikileaks and shady meeting in Trump Tower, our president surely has his foot over the line of what’s legal and illegal. Recently, it was released by a Justice department report, that a man named Yevgeniy Prigozhin as well as others, released information that Mueller had only shared with his defense attorneys on twitter. Last year in late October, the account @HackingRedstone posted classified information about a criminal case between Concord Management and Consulting. Here is what prosecutors had to say,

“Concord’s request to send the sensitive discovery to the Russian Federation unreasonably risks the national security interests of the United States,” prosecutors said. “Moreover, consistent with the apparent pro-Russian aim of the tweet, to the extent that the individuals who created the webpage reside outside the United States, this contravention is likely to go unpunished.”

The FBI did say that the computer who published the documents was in Russia. Leaving the hint that they may have been working for the Russian Government. This is just the latest of the sneaky things Russia has been doing to try and influence our country. We don’t know all of them yet, but from Facebook ads, hacks and other tricky things, the Russians have a knack for helping Trump. Which makes Trump seem more suspicious, if that’s even possible. I am happy with the job our FBI and other branches of government are doing to safeguard our country from cyber attacks in the future. Lucky for us, the rest of the government isn’t as stupid as the executive branch.