Politics in Football

Due to the Super Bowl which you probably watched last Sunday, I began to think as I was watching Tom Brady get 2 yard passes in one of the lamest games in my lifespan. How much has politics infiltrated football?

More specifically, the NFL. Well for starters, we all probably saw MLK’s daughter flip the coin which TOTALLY wasn’t because of Kaepernick or anything. Not to mention the various ‘black people speak out’ ads. I think it’s great that the NFL is taking some action but it’s still in your face and reminds you of politics. It’s like a friend specifically making noticeable measures not to do something awkward that they did at the last party you went to. It’s good, but weird. At the drafting of last season, no team would take Kaepernick. None. Which wasn’t too long ago (in September I believe). The Nike ad sparked controversy when it sponsored Kaepernick as well which wasn’t long ago. The point is, politics has made a nice mouse hole inside the NFL’s house. It all started with Kaepernick and still continues to this day.