Elizabeth Warren: Good or bad candidate?

Today, Senator Warren announced her bid for president. To be honest, Warren is one of my favorite senators. Her stances and views are always supported by logic (unlike most Republicans). She did, however, fall victim to Trump’s teasing and put herself in a political blunder of apology letters and DNA tests. Her candidacy raises the question. Is she right for the job of president?

Yes. But that does not mean she will win. My prediction is that Trump will viciously attack Democratic candidates in the 2020 election trail. Especially women, like Warren. She has shown vulnerability to Trump’s attacks before. I am worried she wouldn’t respond as a more knowledgeable candidate would act when it comes to Trumps’ games. She would play his game and suffer the political consequences. Other choices, like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, would be much better. Though I like Elizabeth Warren and her views and points, she isn’t what we need right now. We need a tough-guy like Biden. We need a smart hispanic woman like Kamala Harris. We do not need Warren right now.

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