Argument for not abolishing the Electoral College

The Electoral College has been around since the beginning of our country. It was put in place because the founding fathers believed that the American people were too stupid to vote properly. Recently, people have called for it to be abolished. Which is fair, as it fixes the problem that presidential candidates with more public support are not elected due to electoral votes. But it does not fix the other problem, which is state representation.

States without many electoral votes such as North Dakota or Kansas are not campaigned in because of how little electoral votes they provide, resulting in less favorability from the candidates. Instead of abolishing this broken system, we should make each state have a set number of electoral votes. This means that each state would have its interests represented by candidates and fix the problem which is certain candidates getting more votes yet not being elected.

Rather than abolishing the college, we should instead fix it and fix everyones problems. Sorry for not uploading in so long. Weekly articles coming soon.